Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The 7-19-65 Watch

While I was watching the Sens in their 4-0 victory over the Florida Panthers,the commenter mentioned having a chance to talk to coach Paul MacLean.  During the interview, MacLean stated that there were three numbers to watch this year: #7 (Kyle Turris), #19 (Jason Spezza), and #65 (Erik Karlsson).  If these players did well in the coming season, then the Senators would also be doing well.

Because of this, I have decided to start a 7-19-65 Watch to see how these three players do this year and find out if this prediction will turn out to be correct.  To start it off, here are their current stats:

Kyle Turris - 3 Goals, 0 Assists, +2

Jason Spezza - 0 Goals, 1 Assists, +2 (I've even seen Jason Spezza shoot the puck twice!)

Erik Karlsson - 1 Goal, 2 Assists, +3

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Off to a strong start

Something miraculous happened today as I was channel surfing.  I was looking through the TV guide and saw something I haven't seen for a very long time: a hockey game.  And it was even an Ottawa Senators hockey game at that.

I was a bit late getting started on watching it (I had to pry the television away from my parents and the Australian Open), coming in during the second half of the second period, just in time to see the goal scored by Chris Neil which would ultimately be the game winner.  Chris Neil is another favourite of mine as well as being the undisputed winner of Best Smile on the team.

And then there were a few more goals as well, from Karlsson (who by now you should know is my favourite player) and Turris.  Good solid goaltending from Craig Anderson, though I did apparently miss some of the best saves from the beginning of the second period.  Ultimately, it was 4-1 for Ottawa, hurrah!

It's going to be an interesting season this year, more of a sprint to the playoffs than a marathon, which means that every game is that much more important.  Which in turn makes this victory a very important one as well and hopefully sets the stage for many more.

While I do agree with the general disgruntlement left from the lockout, I am really glad to see the team back in action.  It is actually pretty incredible, really, to see the personal level of attachment a fan can get to a hockey player that he or she has only ever seen from afar.  And I definitely have been converted by the Canadian brainwashing machine that tells us that hockey = life.